Environmental Mission Statement

At Solid Comfort, we believe there is a direct correlation between the well-being of our environment, economy, and society. We are dedicated to the health and safety of our ecosystem, along with the employees and members of the communities in which we live, work, and travel.

We have been observant of environmental stewardship since the start of our business, which is exemplified by ongoing implementation of sustainable practices within our core business strategy and manufacturing processes. Minimizing waste makes good business sense, and it is nothing new to us.

Our responsibility lies within designing sustainable products and production processes through knowledge, collaboration with customers, and partnering with equally responsible suppliers.

Our commitment has been to continuously exceed all federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Other examples of our commitment include:

  • Production centrally located within the U.S. reducing carbon impact
  • Replaceable parts construction reducing the need for replacing complete units in the event of damage by guests
  • Water-based UV finish with no harmful emissions or off gases which is supported by a fully recyclable system with no waste
  • Utilization of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood materials
  • Exceeding the requirements of current California (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measures
  • Flake board is EPP certified to the accredited and internationally based Grademark Program which follows the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Guide 65 for quality control programs. The principle requirement for EPP certification is compliance with the utilization of 100% recovered or recycled raw materials, and adherence to CARB Phase 11 formaldehyde standards
  • Use of laminates which have the highest recycled content and lowest emissions exceeding requirements for Indoor Air Quality and Greenguard Certification
  • Waste materials are recycled for local animal bedding
  • Product is cartoned with top and bottom caps to provide maximum protection without total concealment